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• Wafer characterisation
Resistivity and charge carrier mobility lifetime measurement
Non contact method for the determination of the resistivity and MuTau products (electrons & holes) of large area (high resistivity) semi-conductor wafers.
The homogeneity of the compound semiconductor wafers of high resistivity determines the production yield, and, therefore, the production cost for industry. Thirty years of experience in the field of growth and characterization of semi-insulating compound semiconductors have helped us to develop the best suited instruments for both research and industry
Uniformity of RESISTIVITY and MOBILITY LIFETIME give precious information on the quality of wafers and therefore the devices. Performing these measurements without any direct contact with the wafers is important too, to reduce any possible contamination. The EUROMUTAUSCAN is, to our knowledge, the first commercially available instrument incorporating two measurement systems in one, i.e. (i) the resistivity mapping and (ii) the MU-TAU products mapping
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Characterisation of mono crystals by X-ray diffraction.
Measurement of lattice parameters of oriented mono crystalline sample followed by topography according to Lang method.
The Eurorad's solution for X-ray topography has been designed for crystal sample up to 75mm diameter. It is especially useful for quick and efficient control of crystal suffering from a native low defect creation and subjet tyo mosaïcity. Principaly designed for compound like CdTe, CdZnTe, InSb, PbTe, but can also be used for quick quality control of any kind of crystal.
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Full scale semiconductor wafer chemical composition scanner by capillary focused X-ray microbeam.
X-ray fluorescence is a widely used technique for chemical composition analysis. The fluorescence is generally excited through a shielded X-ray beam or an electronic microscopy. The shielding reduces drastically the beam intensity, whereas the electronic microscope needs vacuum operation. Here, no vacuum is necessary and the X-ray beam is no longer reduced in size by shielding but through a computer calculated capillary, as developed in house. In this manner, not only small beam sizes (typically 20 mm in diameter) but also high gains in intensity compared to conventional methods (the gains are between 50 and 100).
The standard version of the instrument is able to measure with a resolution of typically 20 mm the X-ray excited fluorescence lines of the chemicals, without any physical contact on a full scale wafers by scanning. Besides semiconductor wafers, the instrument can be used to analyze with a high local resolution any solid surface.
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• Contamination measurement:
This apparatus has been especially developed for an easy measurement of the Gamma-ray activity, both of solids and liquids, especially in food. Using a small material volume, this microprocessor based set-up gives the absolute activity in Bq/L (with a threshold of 25 Bq/L in the error measurements). The ambient radioactivity is automatically substracted from the measured sample's activity.
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• Photons counting & Spectrum enhancement:
Eurospectrum Enhancer
Eurospectrum Enhancer
This spectrometric system allows an enhancement of the spectra obtained with CdTe and CZT detectors at higher energies (i.e. Cs-137). It is specifically adapted to the detectors, probes and preamplifiers developed by Eurorad.
The Euro-Spectrum enhancer includes:
a Time Discriminator (TD-1) allowing an improvement of the resolution as well as the P/V ratio with a minimum loss in the counting rate;
A spectroscopic amplifier with shaping time adjusting;
A fast spectrometric amplifier;
A bias generator (optional) and a power supply allowing full practical efficiency with minimum external connections
> Eurospectrum Enhancer PDF

The EUROSPECTRUM-MCA equipment is a complet system which allows to connect different kind of detectors and preamplifiers manufactured by EURORAD.
The system includes :
A High Voltage power supply for the detector polarization.
A Gaussien spectrometric amplifier adapted to the detector or probe delivered with the system.
A rise time discrimator ( optional) which allows to enhance the spectrometric resolution and the pic to valley ratio of the CdTe detectors.
A Pulse test setup which allows to verify the preamplifier, amplifier circuit.
A 4096 channel Multi Channel Analyser.
The optional rise time discriminator is a specific setup which allows to improve the spectrometric CdTe performances especially for the high energy ( 662 keV of 137Cs). This option works with CdTe detectors presenting specific intrinsec properties in term of hole collection. The system is powered by an external AC/DC power supply. A multichannel analyser software is delivered in order to perform the detectors spectra.

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