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Our detectors energy ranges are as follows

• CdTe detectors
- Counters : 15keV to 1 MeV
- Spectrometers : for a good energy resolution without spectrum improvement : 15 keV to 200 keV, with spectrum improvement : 15 keV to 1 MeV
• Si detectors
- For X-ray spectroscopy : 4 keV to 100 keV
- For dosimetry : linear response from 20 keV to over 1 MeV
• CsI(Tl) scintillators coupled to Si photodiodes
100 keV and up.

What is the operating temperature range of your detectors?
This depends on what kind of performances your are looking for. For counting applications, the temperature can be rather high; as for spectrometry applications, the best results are attained below room temperature (if possible) or at room temperature.

How can I decide if I need a CdTe detector or a CdZnTe one?
This choice is not obvious as both semi-conductors have very close performances which depend first on the crystal’s quality . CdZnTe has a slightly larger band-gap which induces a smaller leakage current. But, the drawback of CdZnTe is that the working bias voltage is higher than for CdTe and problems related to uniformity can occur. With higher voltages the dark current degrades.
Our suggestions are :
If low voltage operation is required choose CdTe.
For low energies (< 60 keV) and high resolution CZT can be a better choice (RT operation).

How can I decide if I need a counter grade CdTe detectors or a spectrometer grade one?
You should choose a counter grade detector when no, or very poor energy resolution is needed for your specific application. A spectrometer grade detector becomes necessary when you want to achieve a good energy resolution. Eurorad offers several kinds of spectrometers as well as electronic systems improving the energy resolutionour choice will be based on the needed energy resolution an efficiency.

Which size of CdTe detector should I take?
The size to be selected depends on the efficiency needed and the photon energy to be detected.

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