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Eurorad manufactures a wide range of electronic modules which are suitable for almost all detection applications. Our preamplifiers, amplifiers and discriminators, high voltage modules and spectrum improvement systems allow you to build your own detection system to fit your specific application.
Although we have one of the world's largest choice in electronic modules, you might not find the module you need. If this is the case, our engineers will be pleased to design the product you are thinking of.

> Documentation for all electronics modules in PDF

- Preamplifiers
Suitable for all kind of detectors such as Si, Si(Li), GeHP, CdTe, HgI2 and scintillation probe with silicon diodes. Due to its 30 years of experience, Eurorad offers the world largest choice.
Three categories are available : low power, standard and fast preamplifiers.
These chips can be purchased either as stand alone chip or mounted in various housings with connectors.

Fast preamplifier chip, bias filtering included, 50 ohm drive ability
Standard chip, low noise, low cost
Low voltage, low consumption chip

- Amplifiers
Our shaping amplifier module is able to replace a spectroscopic amplifier at lower cost. It is designed to be used with our low noise preamplifiers. Signal output can be directed into a multichannel analyser.
You are able to define the polarity, maximum gain, filter type, time constant and input impedance when placing your order.

Shaper amplifier module

Upon request, these modules can be housed with or without a preamplifier in order to provide a fully functional system for nuclear spectrometry. The total size of the housing is only 110x40x20mm

Our discriminator module is used either as a window discriminator or as a threshold discriminator. It is designed to fit with the SH1 amplifier, but it is also suitable with any spectroscopic setup.

Discriminator module

- Spectrum improvement systems
Eurorad has been the pioneer in the development of methods to improve the performance of detectors having normally incomplete charge collection, due to the trapping effect.
There are several methods to improve the performances of the spectrometers depending on the parameters which appear most important for your specific application: energy resolution, efficiency, or both at the same time.

Rise Time Discriminator. Pulse selection according to the risetime value
The TD1 module is a rise time discriminator able to greatly improve the spectroscopy from CdTe detectors. In association with the shaper module SH1, it permits you to obtain a simple and low cost pulse processor.

- Electronics in housing

Chips mounted in various aluminium housing

The TD1 is also available mounted in a complete risetime discrimination module called Eurospectrum Enhancer.
Please go to spectro improv in Dedicated Product section to know more about this product.

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