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EURORAD was founded in early 1982 through a technology transfer from the French public research
institutions, active in the field of nuclear radiation detectors and related systems, using compound

Indeed, the technology of Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) started in France in the sixties, as well as the
development of low noise electronics. This is today one of the longest experience in this field.

Eurorad is at present the only European company able to produce these materials and CdTe + CdZnTe
detectors. It is one of the world leaders in this domain.

Meanwhile, ER has developed its own R&D activities acting always as a pioneer, bringing the company
to an internationally recognized level.

Eurorad has five main areas of activity :

NUCLEAR MEDICINE: Nuclear surgical probe for radioguided surgery.

RADIATION DETECTORS : For counting and spectrometry: CdTe, CdZnTe, CsI(Tl). For radiation dosimetry :
based on Si for gammas, X, betas and neutrons

Like Cd, Te, CdTe, ZnTe, HgTe, CdZnTe, CsI(Tl), etc..

ELECTRONICS & DETECTION SYSTEMS: Including a large number of low noise hybrid preamplifiers
and amplifiers, as well as spectrum correctors, a large number of probes for nuclear fuel control, different
instruments for nuclear medicine.

Recently, imaging set-ups have also been made available.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: In our field of competence, ranging from materials to detectors and
electronics, specific instruments for industry and research.

Our customers’profile is ranging from research laboratories (CNRS, etc…) to medical and manufacturing
companies or international organisations (IAEA, ONU, French CEA, etc…).
Most of them are located in :
Japan (Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Tokyo University, etc...) ;
Europe (Siemens (D), Rolls Royce (U.K.), Euratom (EEC Research Center), IAEA, C.E.A.,
Eurisys Mesures, etc... ;
The United States (University of Florida, Westinghouse, etc...).

Our distribution network covers Europe (France, Benelux, U.K., Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark,
Austria, etc...), Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), the United States as well as the Middle East (Israel), ...

The company employs 12 people . The company’s scientists and founders are specialised in crystal
growth and semi-conductor materials or in electronics and softwares.

Eurorad has developed in house several growing methods for SEMI-CONDUCTOR MATERIALS (CdTe,
CdZnTe, HgTe, HgI2, etc...) using around twenty furnaces. The complete cutting process going from the
ingots to the sensor is also fully mastered, as well as all characterisation procedures. Several nuclear
spectrometry equipments are in use for robotized testings.
In the electronic field we can develop modules using different techniques and are also able to write all
necessary softwares.

Business & Administration
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